A Squid Game Halloween – How to Put Together Costumes Based on Netflix’s Hit Squid Game

Squid game costumes - for guards and contestants
Squid game costumes – for guards and contestants – are going to see a lot of use this year.

“Where can I buy a Squid Game costume?”

It’s the number 1 question on almost everyone’s mind for this coming Halloween. Netflix dropped a sleeper hit when the Korean Gameshow Drama Squid Game first debuted on their platform on September 17th, 2021. From there, it quickly grew in popularity over the next days, until in a matter of weeks it had become a cultural phenomenon. You couldn’t have a conversation without having watched the show. And between being taken in by Sang-Woo’s deviousness, Sae-Byeok’s ruthlesness (and attractiveness, with actress Jung Ho-yeon growing from around 500k followers to 16 million and counting on Instagram), and Seong Gi-hun’s hopefulness, it’s no surprise the show has garnered such a following.

Which turns our attention towards one thing – Halloween, Costumes, and Cosplaying. Specifically, people want to be able to buy Halloween costumes without having to worry about oversea shipping times (a lot of the costumes are being made in China or Korea), just in time for them to roll up to parties and scare their friends. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the best squid game costumes you can buy – and best of all, they’re all available through Amazon. You don’t have to worry about fluctuating shipping times or questionable quality!

Squid Game Costumes: Where to get Contestant Outfits

First up, we’ll start with where you can get outfits that will help you look like the contestants of Squid Game. Besides the guards themselves, it wouldn’t surprise us if these were the most popular costumes that people picked so they could cosplay like the main characters. After all, who wouldn’t want to look like the main characters of the show? Just look at them!

Luckily, Amazon has you covered. Jianda is selling Squid Game Merch Hoodie + Pants combos, complete with the numbers 0001, 067, 212, 218, 240, and 456. View their best price here.

Just in case they run out of stock (with how Viral this show is, it’s a near guarantee) here are a few alternative tracksuits on Amazonthat match the look of the jumpers used by contestants in Squid Game:

Don’t forget the clean white vans to finish off the outfit.

But what about more specifics? If you want to look even more like Seong Gi-hun or Oh Il-nam, you can spring for a wig as well. Here are a few wigs you could customize (also available on Amazon):

Squid Game Costumes: Where to Get Guard Outfits

Next on the agenda is where you can buy the red jumpsuits and masks that the guards of Squid Game have made iconic. Like with the contestant gear, we’re going to keep the list limited to sellers on Amazon so you can get an accurate estimate of how quickly you could get it (just in time to dress like a Squid Game character for Halloween, for example).

Nauxiu is coming in clutch on this one, shipping not only the jumpsuits but the masks used by the guards in a combo on Amazon.

And just in case they run out of stock, here are a couple of more links to buy the Squid Game guard costume on Amazon (these also include the circle, triangle, and square masks as a combo):

What About Only the Red Jumpsuit?

(Honestly, is it a red jumpsuit or a pink one?)

If you’re specifically after the jumpsuit the guards wear without the mask, you can get that here-

NAUXIU Squid Game Costume for Boys Girls Squid Game Cosplay Masquerade Accessories Halloween Props 2021 TV Cosplay Jumpsuit (X-large)

Where Can I Buy the Guard Masks?

Lastly, if you only want the masks used by the guards in Squid Game, you can also get that on Amazon from Jayayamala. Click here to get the best price.

Alternate Mask Sellers:

4pcs Squid Game Masked Man Mask, Halloween Cosplay Full Face Covering Masquerade Reality Survival Tv 2021 Masquerade Props Accessories

Squid Game Mask- Masked Man Cosplay Masquerade Accessories Halloween Props (3PC)

BONUS: If you want to take the guard costumes to the next level, you can also get fake guns to keep the contestants (and each other) in line. Might we recommend a BB Air rifle to go with your outfit?

Squid Game Costumes: Where to Get The Front Man Outfit

The Front Man (sometimes called The Masked Man) is a special scenario when it comes to Squid Game costumes. Theoretically you can get away with just the mask and a generic black hoodie, but some people might want to go all out. In either scenario, we’ve got you covered.

You can get the Front Man’s mask from PUTAO on Amazon – click here to view the current price.

And some backup links in case some of the masks go out of stock:

Squid Game Masked Man Mask 2021 TV Cosplay Accessories Halloween Masquerade Props Full Face Covering Mask

Squid Game Triangle Masked Man Mask Reality Survival TV 2021 Cosplay Accessories Halloween Masquerade Props (BOSS)

Masked Man Squid Game Mask 2021 TV Cosplay Masquerade Accessories Halloween Props Squid Game Mask Black CosPlay (Black)

Squid Game Costumes: Where to Get VIP and Server Masks

As long as we’re talking masks, a few of the VIPs stood out as well. So far these masks are fairly limited, but we did find one seller you could get them from on Amazon.

If you’re going with the VIP costumes, you might want to pair it with an elegant looking robe, just to really sell the decadence and douchebaggery.

Squid Game Halloween Costumes: Red Light Green Girl

Last but certainly not least, this costume is for the memelords with taste. The Red Light Green Light Doll. There a couple of different ways to go about this:

The LOYALSE store on Amazon is selling a mask you could use to look like the girl – with space for your eyes to creepily follow your friends’ movements.

Alternatively, you can recreate her face with a pig tail wig (cut the hair as short as required).

From there, all you need is a yellow shirt, orange dress, and knee-high socks to complete the look! Try this is you’re looking for a dress – Orange Sleeveless Midi Summer Dress.

No matter who you choose to cosplay as this Halloween (or for any future events), Squid Game uniforms are sure to be quite popular in your area. And with such compelling characters an enthralling designs, it’s no surprise why. Hopefully this guide has helped you pick out your next look.