About Us

The second we watched Squid Game the first episode, we had a feeling we were witnessing something special. And by the end of binging the first season, we knew it.

Squid Game Uniforms was created particularly to help people figure out how they could best emulate the costumes and designs seen in Netflix’s hit series. We knew that people would be so enamored with these characters – like we were – that they would want to emulate their design to help channel them. And so, we decided to make it easy, scouring through Amazon’s catalog and becoming affiliates so that we could quickly and accurately show people ways to look like the characters they had grown to love.

And wow!

Now, with Squid Game costumes threatening to take over Halloween 2021 and beyond, we figure we made the right choice. Besides, it’s not like Halloween is the only occassion where you’ll be able to dress up like your favorite Squid Game characters. Cosplaying is only growing in popularity, meaning these outfits will be in fashion year round. Go to conventions looking like Squid Game’s guards, or simply arrange an event with your friends and put on the now iconic jumpsuits worn by the main cast (complete with wigs and numbers to further sell the illusion).

Basically, if you’re at all a fan of the Korean Drama and want to show that off visually, SquidGameUniforms has you covered!